Michael R. Kristiansson

michael_kristianssonKeynote Speaker

Professor Michael R. Kristiansson
Royal School of Library and Information Science
University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Professor Michael Kristiansson will deliver the keynote speech at the ICKM2014 to be held in Antalya, Turkey. His research focus is on knowledge management, knowledge and information policies/politics, library development collection development policies, scenario techniques, and entrepreunership teaching.

Professor Kristiansson has been the Coordinator of PhD Courses a the Danish Research School of Cultural Heritage and holds MSc and PhD degrees in Economics.

Title: Entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship teaching in a knowledge management perspective

Abstract. Can entrepreneurism be ‘taught’? And do you need to run a considerable risk if you want to implement an entrepreneurial project and become an entrepreneur/intrapreneur? If the answer to this question is yes, what type of risk will you have to run and how big will it be? And what about the nature and extent of this risk as well as the awareness of and tolerance for uncertainty and risk?

The keynote speech will argue that you do not need to have great visions or run a high risk when it comes to starting up an entrepreneurial project. What is required, however, is that you implement the appropriate knowledge management thinking. The keynote presentation intends outlining the principles inherent in a knowledge management strategy that aims to reduce the risk involved in initiating an entrepreneurial project and thus in principle allows everyone to start up his or her own entrepreneurial project.

This KM strategy will be compared with more traditional risky forms of knowledge management strategies such as scanning the environment, forecasting and identifying and estimating opportunities. Concluding, a brief account will be given of the convergence of managing an entrepreneurial project on the one hand and handling the knowledge management process on the other; the implications for entrepreneurship teaching will be examined as well.